Corkaury Dardragon-Kimzahn

Prince of House Kimzahn in the City of Brass


Corkaury has blue eyes and brown hair. He exudes an ominous presence.



Early Life

Corkaury grew up in a clergy of Nethys in Aktol a small town near Vertol in Drakon, where his birth has long been foretold in a prophecy. He has two older and two younger siblings. When he was a young child he would often talk to his imaginary friend, who he dubbed ‘Big Daddy’. While Corkaury was still young, he was kidnapped by a cult, because of the prophecy. However when Big Daddy turned out to not be an imaginary friend, but an Eidolon, and materialized on the Material Plane, Corkaury and Big Daddy fought their way out, killing most of the cult members on their way. Soon after, Corkaury learned that it was his oldest brother, Dalabrac, who had helped the cult kidnap him.

With his new friend by his side, Corkaury decided to finally find what exactly he was destined to do, and since there was no answers in his home town, he decided to become an adventurer and joined up with The Golden Hearth.

With the Golden Hearth

While with the Golden Hearth, Corkaury met up with 4 other adventurers, Percival, Han, Marc and Korrag. They traveled to Kolgarth to complete various quests, such as ghosts in a crypt, a vampire in a town and strange bubbles.

During their travels, Han received a Harrow Deck of Many Things, from which Corkaury drew three cards. The first card gave him immunity to fire, the second card a giant efreeti appeared and proposed marrage, where he accepted. The third card made an enemy change their mind about Corkaury, although Corkaury was not aware of it at the time.

A week after, Corkaury got married to princess Kraozeh Dao Dardragon-Kimzahn in a church of Nethys, and they had the reception at Han’s manor. Here Corkaury became the prince of House of Kimzhan of the City of Brass. Corkaury decided to not retire with his new wife, but continue his adventures to find out what his destiny is.

The Prophecy

Not much is known about the prophecy that surrounds Corkaury, only that he will be the cause of some great event, either for good or for evil.


Corkaury is married to Kraozeh Dao Dardragon-Kimzahn née Kimzahn, an Efreeti noblewoman and Princess of House Kimzahn in the City of Brass from the Elemental Plane of Fire.


Corkaury is not a big fan of his oldest brother, Dalabrac.

Corkaury Dardragon-Kimzahn

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