Dragon Founders

The 10 dragons whom made the enchantment in Drakon


When Vertol was founded an enchantment was placed by the ten strongest dragons at the time, one of each the metallic and chromatic colors.

Of all the ten dragons only the names of five are known

The silver dragon, Vorastrixivorn, whom after a disagreement with Bewrathon the red, both dissapeard.

The gold dragon, Filkidrekiselir, who helped build the foundation of the city of Vertol along with the copper dragon, Marfedelomvhisar.
Marfedelomvhisar left the city and his hatchlings behind and it’s said he has found a way to live forever.

Vuthanak the black returned to his homeland, Kellnorn, just as he uttered a prophecy about the destruction of Vertol.

No records have ever been found on the following colors.

Dragon Founders

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