Ferklumoeir | Felin

Adoptive father of Percival, Partner of Vael


A traveling merchant whom frequently visits the Golden Hearth, he knows Murial from before she founded the guild.

Members of the Golden Hearth knows he’s a gold dragon, however most don’t know his real name.


When he went to look what happened to Embarixar, he was attacked by a magma dragon and was very wounded.
Afterwards he came to the Golden Hearth for help but didn’t have time to transform into his avatar before he crash landed in the fields near the guild.

When the party went to investigate Corkuary prophecy they found out he used to sit on the council of Vertol 20-25ish years ago, they also dug up that he stole something from the council and was punished, however all information about what he stole, his punishment and what he did for the council have been destroyed.

Veil informed the party that Ferklumoeir is a descendant of Filkidrekiselir, one of the 10 dragon founders, and that he has gone to look at the Orb of Dragonkin that his forefather his in Axis.

Ferklumoeir | Felin

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