Lady in the woods

A mysterious lady in a mysterious cabin.


While the party was trekking through the forest ruins east of the shifting sands, after it being burned down by the demons from tarnwood.

After finding the corpse of the dragon whom lived in the region they saw a small patch of green grass with a small tree by a cabin, after a closer look they stepped in the cabin and found a young woman greeting them.

They made a deal, if they go a ways south and do something for her she would guide them to the jubjub birds they were hunting.

When the arrived at the location they found a carved cave, as they were exploring the cave they found a large green humanoid tied to a wall, with a giant coal black sword in his chest but still breathing.
They pulled the sword out of his stomach only to have him die before them.

When they returned from the cave, a raven informed them where to find the jubjub birds.


Lady in the woods

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