Adventurer, Scribe and Cartographer of the Golden Hearth


caucasian atheletic build with between short and shoulder-length brown hair with green eyes. Due to his training with Dragon Fist techniques he has gained central heterochromia that has resulted in a few streaks of gold or copper in both his eyes and hair.

He dresses primarily in changshans which changes in material dependent on the occasion


Factotum, Zen-Archer, Disciple of the Eye, Scribe, Cartographer
Guild scribe and Cartographer of the Golden Hearth

Boyfriend of Murial Pearlake
Adoptive son of Ferklumoeir
Cohort: Caesin

Born: 290

Grew up in the mountains near Kawald until he was 8, when his father Ferklumoeir took him to the Golden Hearth to stay there while he was taking care of some business, he kept visiting from time to time to keep an eye on him.

Being a curious mind he quickly took to the guild members and learned the tricks and trades of an adventurer, later on he learned the ways of Zen and became an archer. As he grew up he started a relationship with the guild leader Murial Pearlake.

As a child he played with the pseudodragons who has a home in the Guild hall, particularly Caesin whom went with him on his various adventures. He also ran around with the Black kids (Samuel and Louise).

Having traveled a lot from a young age he liked to draw maps of where he had been, which caused the guild’s cartographer to take him under his wing and teach him how to draw proper maps.
As part of his Zen training he also learned calligraphy.

His carefree days ended when his girlfriend asked him to investigate some mysterious fog in the city of Tarnwood which had started to spread…


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