Smith in Solum


Thaeros stands at above average height for a dwarf; a couple inches over four feet. He is clad almost permanently in full adamantine plate armor, and totes around a heavy shield made of steel that is encrusted with wicked spikes.

He has a full length, glorious auburn beard, flowing down over the front of his breast plate, and his eyes are pale blue, piercing under heavy brows.

He is quite young for a dwarf, not yet having reached his fifth decade.


When asked for his background, Thaeros grunts. “Ain’t any o’ yer business,” he grumbles irritably.

What little is known is that he hails originally from Kolgarth, though he has not called that country home for over twenty years. He never speaks of his clan or his family.

Thaeros is a smith, and has worked the forge for the Golden Hearth for as long as most can remember, fixing armor and weapons with ease. That is when he is not adventuring, seeking out interesting magical items to try and tease the secrets to their creation out of them. He has not succeeded yet in creating anything outright magical, but he is confident he will eventually learn the trick.


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