Tag formatting

In order to have consistent tagging across characters, here is a list of guidelines to adding character tags, rember to capitalise classes/races/names and so on.

If the character has a humanoid race such as: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Aasimar, Undine…, write “Race: [race]” e.g. “Race: Aasimar”
If the character some kind of creature such as: Dire wolf, Bear, Dragon, Wright…, write “Creature: [creature]” e.g. “Creature: Dragon”

Write your characters sex such as, Male, Female, Gender-less formatted as “Sex: [sex]” e.g. “Sex: Female”

For each class the character has such as: Monk, Fighter, Wizard, Magus…, write “Class: [class]” e.g. “Class: Fighter”
If the character is multi-classed add each class as a separate tag
If the character has no classes or hasn’t revealed any don’t add anything

If the character is part of any factions, organizations or somthing like that, such as: The Golden Hearth, CIRCLE, Peninsulin, Brotherhood of Abadar…, write “Fac: [name]” e.g. “Fac: The Golden Hearth”

If the character is usually located in a specific town write “Town: [town]” e.g. “Town: Solum”
If the character moves around, don’t write anything

If the character is religious write “God: [god]” e.g. “God: Sarenrae”

If the character has any job(s) write “Job: [job]” e.g. “Job: Merchant”

Don’t write any tags regarding the relations between any character such as: Ally, Villan, Cohort, Friend, NPC, PC…
Write this information in the characters bio somewhere instead

If you feel like anything else should be added as a tag write “Other: [tag]” e.g. “Other: Dead”

If the character is both a humanoid and a creature write both the “Creature: [creature]” and “Race: [race]” tags, e.g. “Race: Human, Creature: Ghost”

If you can’t finish the tagging yourself for some reason add the tag “Tagme” so other people can finish it for you

Tag formatting

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