Tag: City


  • Solam

    A city located in [[Erest]] [[:murial-pearlake | Murial Pearlake]] is part of the city leadership Organisations [[the Golden Hearth | the Golden Hearth]]. Shops [[the Laughing Cow | the Laughing Cow]] - tavern

  • Sunstride

    A small Aasimar town. Known Inhabitants [[:arken-farivair | Arken Farivair]]

  • Vertol

    The Capitol of [[Drakon | Drakon]] Historians speculate that 'Vertol' originates from the draconic word 'wer taoul' which means 'the city'. The city is famous for having a large population of shapeshifted dragons who call the city home. The entire ruling …

  • Aktol

    A small mining town located east of Vertol, hometown of [[:cork | Corkaury Dardragon-Kimzahn]] In the city there is a temple of Nethys, an older and smaller temple is also located in the town's mines Headpriest [[:pellorn | Pellorn]] Guard Captain: …