temple of Io

The oldest building in Vertol and located dead center in the city.

The entire city is springing up around this temple

Hierachy is
Called the ‘High Priest’ this person has absolute authority within the temple ranks

Council of elders
Advises the High Priest are called either ‘Elder’ or ‘Bishops’

Two categories of this rank exist, High and Low Bishops. High are clergy who’s close to the rank of elder and are high respected, Low Bishops are Priests who’s just achieved the rank of Bishop.

Bishops are the persons who’s responsible for the temple’s daily routine and takes care of any emergencies

Priests handle common guests to the temple and refers special guests to the Bishops

Clerics are those sent out in the world to further the interest of Io

These does the daily maintenance on the temple, cleans the gardens, serves food and all the menial tasks

temple of Io

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